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It's crucial that you carefully review our rules for TOKYO WEEKEND.

Remember to carefully read and follow all of these rules to ensure a successful participation in TOKYO WEEKEND.

■ The Designer Kit, Logos, Links, Headquarters Landmarks, for TOKYO WEEKEND are NOT to be shared with anyone outside the sale.

■ You can participate once a month to remain active, but you can also participate weekly.

■ You may only work with creators included in TOKYO WEEKEND, unless you confirm with Slayer Cloud.

■ For Seraphim coverage, items must be set up within the sale price range for individual items, and our logo must be rezzed on or by your display in the mainstore no later than 8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time on Fridays.

Slayer Cloud is our Set-up Coordinator and will check your set-up and assist with notifying us and you of any problems that may arise.

■ You must wait 3 months after the round of any event for an item to be entered into the sale to respect those who bought it full price.

■ An item entered into the sale more than once is not allowed unless the item used is updated in some sort of way, and the vendor ad reflects the changes.

ANY AND ALL COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS will be excluded from the sale.

■ We ask that your ads be eye-friendly for social media and the notecard, with genitals blurred out as best as possible. Please no extremely explicit content, no items related to pandemics or politics.

■ Placing an item in the sale for a non-active participant next to your Tokyo Weekend  display or advertising an item as Tokyo Weekend Sale for them is grounds for removal from TOKYO WEEKEND and all future rounds.

■ During the sale weekend, your items will be priced at 75L per item.

■ Your sale item should not have been featured in another major event in the last 3 months or during the same week/month it was sold at full price.

■ Your sale item should not use any copyrighted material in the vendor ad or display, including real-life slogans, trademarks, patterns, brand names, or characters.

■ Your store sale display must feature the TW logo or group joiner from our Designer Kit.

■ The landmark or SLURL provided should have easy access to the item.

■ Unless your sale item has been updated or recolored, it should not have been in TW before.

■ Your sale item should not contain anything related to pandemics, world crises, politics, hate, religion (unless for celebrated holidays), or self-harm.

■ If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact our inworld TK agents: Slayer Cloud, Frost Cloud or send an email to containing the name of your store and the Title with the problem/question.

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