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█ ▌Theme of this round will be:  FREE THEME
It is noteworthy that Tokyo Zero is a Japanese cyberpunk event, but that you can use your creativity without limits, not just reducing it to the cyber theme.

inspiration board



It is very important that you look carefully at our Event Rules

■ We will only contact you if your store is accepted on our event or on our Waiting List.

■ Your store will only get the Welcome Kit if it is accepted at the event
Note: If you are on the Wait-List, you will not be able to receive the Welcome Kit.

■ We believe that any art is valid, so we accept adult items,
BDSM, as long as they meet Tokyo Zero's bid criteria.

■ We do not accept stores based that sell gestures, windlights and sounds.

■ We do not accept at all stores that use templates in their work! We look for originality and this is one of the
main criteria.

■ We do not accept items that inflict the DMCA.

■ We do not accept items with COPYRIGHT.

■ Do not contact us about the status of your application.

■ When placing your item at our event, it must be unique and original/launch.

■ Both Sponsor and Regular must create a unique item to present at Tokyo Zero.

■ Only Sponsors are allowed to place old items, but with mandatory to create an exclusive item for Tokyo Zero.

■ We ask that you place a Kiosk of Tokyo Zero in your store, which will be delivered with the Welcome Kit.

■ If you are late or have other problems, you should contact our TK agents immediately
to let you know what's going on. If there is no answer from you it means you will be warned
against your store for future events.

■ There will be no refund of the amount paid if you are unable to participate.

■ Must be present in our group which will be sent to you after inclusion within our team.

■ If you have not received the group please contact us after 24 hours after your payment.

■ If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact our inworld TK agents: Drawans Cloud, Ich1go Cloud
or send an email to containing the name of your store and the Title with the problem/question.

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