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| I'm a Designer but I didn't participate last month. Can I participate in this Tokyo Zero round?

- Yes! If you marked as a Fixed Designer at the time of registration you will always be able to participate in our rounds.

| I am a designer but not a fixed designer and would like to participate separately in Tokyo Zero Rounds.

- You must apply on Presence Form to be a designer in each Round you wish to participate.

| I didn't participate in the last two Tokyo Zero rounds, can I participate in this one now?

- We have a limit, if you didn't participate in the last three Tokyo Zero Rounds, you will no longer receive the Welcome Kit and must reapply within our website.

| How can I reapply as a designer for Tokyo Zero?

- You must reapply on the Presence Form
You can access the page here:

| There's a Tokyo Zero round going on. How can I participate in the next month/round?

- If you are a fixed designer you are already automatically approved to participate in the next month/round.
But it is always necessary to confirm your presence on the Presence form. You can do it here:

| I'm not a Fixed Designer but I would like to participate in the next round/month of Tokyo Zero.

- Tokyo Zero rounds are fixed from the 10th to the 25th of each month. If you would like to participate in the next round, you have until the 15th to the 5th to decide if you want to participate, confirming your presence in the presence form.

| How could I secure my cabin at Tokyo Zero?

- Tokyo Zero spots are limited, that is, you must be careful with your deadlines, not buying your cabin too late because it may not be available anymore.

| How do I know if I am a sponsor or a regular?

- Sponsors and regulars are not chosen by us, but after the designer pays the available spot, if you want to be a sponsor or regular you just need to pay and that's it, you're in!

| How can I find out about the Tokyo Zero Deadlines?

- You will receive in your Welcome Kit all the necessary information about the next Tokyo Zero round.

| Is Tokyo Zero exclusively a Cyberpunk, futuristic, streetwear theme?

- No. We at Cloud Team like to diversify, so throughout the year we make events with special themes to keep the event eclectic and unique, opening doors for all kinds of creations, whether food, furniture, scenery, animations, etc. ..

Example: Abduction,Halloween,Yokai,Christmas...

| Does Tokyo Zero have an Inspirations board?

- Yes! Whenever there is a special theme we will make an inspiration board, you can find it here:

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